Production Manufacturing

CNC Machining

CNC (Computer Numeric Control) is the new age of machining. Parts are manufactured by robotic lathes and mills to provide fast production, capability to machining complex shapes, precise control and tight tolerances. These machines are extremely flexible and can perform a wide range of jobs. Topliss Bros. were early getting into the CNC game, purchasing our first CNC lathe in 1987. From then on we have grown the workshop by adding more lathes, mills and multi-function machinery.

Press Work

Presses are useful for manufacturing high volumes of parts made from flat or sheet material. They are extremely fast to run and are usually used for bending, cropping and forming type applications. At Topliss Bros we have a selection of flywheel presses ranging up to 70 Tonne capacity as well as hand crank presses for the smaller jobs. We use these machines to produce a variety of parts for our shower collection, and also for contract manufacturing for our customers.

Plastic Injection Moulding

We can offer production plastic injection facilities up to 1.5 oz component weight or 30cm³/shot. Die costs can sometimes be kept to a minimum by fitting an insert into one of our family die sets. We use this machinery to manufacture parts for our shower collection and also for manufacturing rollers, pulleys and various other parts for our customers.


We have Arc, Gas, MIG, TIG and spot welders. Our staff have experience running welding production lines and are of great use in setting up welding jigs and fixtures for production jobs. While our core services are in machining, we also have the capabilities to perform light fabrication jobs.

Flywheel Presses

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