Machine Shop Overview

Topliss Bros has been servicing industry with repairs and specialised products since the 1950's. We carry out a wide range of engineering services - from fine repair work and tool making, to production machining.

Machine Shop Capabilities

Our comprehensively equipped machine shop includes high tech CNC equipment, centre and production lathes, a wide range of grinding machines, MIG and TIG welding capabilities and a plastic injection moulding machine.


Along side our traditional centre lathes, automatic production and capstain lathes, we have four high speed, bar feed CNC machines suitable for complex profiles, spheres, tapered threads etc. These machines are economical for both one-off items as well as production runs.

Milling and Drilling

Our qualified staff are capable of carrying out hand milling jobs as well as undertaking intricate tasks requiring computer control. With 3 CNC machining centres and 4 axis capabilities, we can handle very complex shapes allowing a single component to be machined or as many exact replicas as required.


We can design and make a wide variety of tooling, including smaller plastic injection dies and press tools.


We have a range of mechanical presses up to 70 Tonnes and can undertake many production piercing, punching and pressing jobs.


We have most types of grinding machines - cylindrical grinder for up to 250mm dia x 570mm between centres, surface grinder with a 450mm x 200mm coverage, tool and cutter grinder for complex shapes, and a purpose built drill point grinder for drills from 2.5mm to 32mm dia.

Plastic Injection Moulding

We can offer production plastic injection facilities up to 1.5 oz component weight or 30cm³/shot. Die costs can sometimes be kept to a minimum by fitting an insert into one of our family die sets.


Arc, gas, MIG, TIG and spot welding.

Heat Treatment

1000° C furnace for heat treating components up to 500mm long x 200mm wide x 150mm high.


Splines and keyway cutting up to 100mm long.

CNC Machining Centre

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