Guide to Ordering

Mixing Valves

Ceramic Mixers

The new Ceramic Mixer TB-S40 must be matched to the 205/215 series lever controls. The TB-S40 can be used on any equal pressure system between 20 and 500kPa to give a variable flow shower with ceramic seal reliability and modern styled control sets.

Standard Mixers

Topliss Standard TB10 Mixers can be matched to either the 105, 115 or 125 control sets. For high pressure systems above 300kPa use the TB10EHP and for low pressure systems below 300kPa use the TB10ELP. See chart below for more information on water pressure recommendations.


Ceramic Mixers

An old Topliss standard mixer can be replaced with a new ceramic mixer using the piping adapter kit AD-S40 to fit in the same pipe work as a Standard Mixer.
A special 175mm fascia plate 4071 is available as a spare part or control set 215 should the 205 control (160mm) not cover the shower-lining hole.

Standard Mixers

All current control sets for the Standard Mixers can be retro-fit onto old TB4 to TB10 (1971 to current) valves to update the styling of the control.


Hoses for Hand Shower Systems. Both the Ultra Two-Way Shower and the Sliding-Rail series are supplied as standard with a big bore multi-layer PVC hose that suits both low and high pressure systems.



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